Entry #128

Later bitches im going to college and then ill flunk out lol but first i go to partaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYY

2014-09-01 14:40:50 by thespammer

How shal i start dis?

well i wanted to make a spamination for u guys dis summer but because of some bullshit that happend and shit that i cant making anything i wanted. In short, i had a really really shitty summer "break" wchich was barely a fucking break for me lol. most of it consisted of me slaving(black joke) away at stuff i really didnt want to waste my damn  time doing, but alas it has been wasted.  looks like ill have to start college broke, stressed, and pretty fucking miserable.

in the meantimes, im gonna be moving to my dorm tomorrow and im just gonna let u guys know that i really want to make new shits for you, epsecially since my last flash kept getting blammed here cus of some overly politically correct faggotry of this community.  oh well.

you can still fap to it here in its purest form here.

anyway im hoping that some of the crap i learn at school will help me make my spaminations worse than ever before, although i might relocate cus newgrounds is a fucking piece of shit.  at least u dont gots to pass ur flashes thru judgement on deviant art lol

Since im going away to college im gonna be alot busier which means ill have to put everything on hold whcih is kinda gay but thats how i am, i am a huge faggot you nigger.

im still feeling a bit uneasy about going to college, if you guys recall i got kicked out of a different school a while ago...

as for what ive been up to lately, ive been busy smoking weed, playing with my fleshlight, hating my life, and of course just chilling whenever possible.  

I really hope things go well this time, cus if not ill probably go postal lmao

yee dats it nigger, bai.


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2014-11-03 22:05:23

hey mang i don't know if you remember me, but I used to be, like, ur numba1 fan and we hung out and fucked and shit. i'm sorry you're having trouble and shit. word.

thespammer responds:

omg wtf sup nigga lol its been FOREVAR!!!!11111 :D
didnt think old friends would still be around this site, especially since it sucks so bad now lol <3

how u been man?


2014-12-22 03:02:00

I've been alright. Taking a year before college, but I've been kinda depressed on and off, so it hasn't been all that fun. And, yeah. I don't really come on much. I think when I left that comment it was my first time on the site in a year. rip ng

thespammer responds:

damn, i started college a few months ago and its been pretty tough lol
ive also had my fair share of depression and shit.... its been a pretty hard year for me too :/
I dont show up here either, this site sucks too much. plus my flashes and art dont make it past the portal cus everyones too busy being little PC cunts to have a sense of humor.
oh well. heres hopin this new year wont suck as bad

cheers my nigga