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I'm newgrounds shittiest spammer! :D And I'm erbody's favorite retartded hermaphroditic pedophilic necrophilic beastialic homosexual rapist serial killer prostitute etc. of an nigger! <3

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where do i even begin?

its funny looking back at all the shit ive done here,  its quite weird as well

once upon a time i was a retarded being spewing out a littany of meaningless nonsense.

and now I have become an even more retarded being that seldom appears.


its not like im completely gone though; which is funny considering how cringeworthy some of the shit ive posted here was, it was really stupid, but hey, what can I say?


I dont even know why im typing this.  I just miss it here sometimes.


Ive had the most fun here than any other time in my life.  well almost i guess. i dunno, perhaps its just the most impressionable, yet I've forgotten most of it.  fortunately i can look back at snippets of my misadventures, it reminds me of simpler times.

I wonder what the future holds... its been quite some time and I have no idea what the fuck im saying.


look, its way past fucking midnight, and I just wanna rape some niggers man.


there was a time where everyone could have sex with each other, animals, dead things, underaged things, fecal matter, fauna, spores, celestial entities, and toothbrushes; there was no boundaries, no rules or establishments that hold us back today.


there was a time where people had the freedom to live the way they wanted. 


and now look at this.


most of the marks Ive made as a lone wanderer... has vanished.

like that, my discombobulated escapades, my ventures into the caverns of the unkown... gone.

and my youtube account has been terminated, and im not exactly sure how to get it back.  im quite surprised that it held on for so long, but im even more surprised that it took until now for it to happen

looks like all my stuff is gone for good.  most of my spams are taken down from here as well, and I have my seldom used/updated deviant art, but what platform is best suited for hosting my stuff?

 what kind of future will I have as thespammer?

why do i keep asking the same questions over and over again?

stay tuned, for the next decades premiere of thespammer movie!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadwdwfew3feiwjofeiwojfiewfineowjofew


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