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I'm newgrounds shittiest spammer! :D And I'm erbody's favorite retartded hermaphroditic pedophilic necrophilic beastialic homosexual rapist serial killer prostitute etc. of an nigger! <3

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ayyyy my niggers, i just realized that it are officially 8 years since I joined this site and started to spread the joy of rape throughout!!!!!!!!!!!111111 yYEEYWAAAHHHAHHHAHHHH 

im pretty amazed that ive stayed here for all this time, throughout many ups and downs, in and outs, children and animals, corpses and living beings, rapists and victims, etc,  and through the deterioiration of newgrounds.  

Its been quite a long time hasnt it?

but on a more serious note my niggers, all i can say is that things are changing, and because they are changing so much adn so fast, I have become uncertain about whether or not I can still keep raping things.

whats next you ask?

truth is i dunno, not jsut cus im retartded, but because that I got alot more to do these days with IRL and shit, and now i can see that itll be harder and harder for me to devote time to making these wonderful spams to share with you guys. if im lucky i might also end up killing myself along the way lollololololol.  it sucks being immortal. :/

but before you guys worry, it doesnt mean i want to quit for good.  yeah i know ive said i wanted to quit so many times, but theres always a part of me that wants to cum back give you guys spams to laugh at and enjoy and masturbate and rape and murder and start a dictatorship to lol.  speaking of spams I wonder none of them have made it through the portal for the past 4 years.  is it cus im getting worse?  or is newgrounds just becoming more shitty?  maybe both.  i do miss the old shit i used to make ill admit, although i still do the best i can to provide quality entertainment when i make them. 

my point is that this has always been something i will treasure and continue to treasure, and this was something that kept me going somehow. thank you guys for watching my shit, you guys are truly my niggers.  and by niggers i mean my slaves.  get back to work you lazy fucking niggers lol :D


i made a new spam btw, but newgrounds already raped it to death :(



fret not, i also have the flash version on deviant art and another on youtube

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